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Covid-19 measures for local services and business travellers

10. 05. 2021.

After a successful audit, we received the international Bureau Guard Veritas Safe Guard and TÜV Rheinland Medical Wellness certificate. We look forward to seeing you at the hotel in a safe environment as soon as possible! At Europafit we are constantly working to continue to be a hotel with unique services!

The safe environment is ensured by the international Bureau Guard Veritas Safe Guard and TÜV Rheinland Medical Wellness certificates.

From May 6, 2021, our hotel welcomes guests with a tourist purpose in accordance with the existing government decree, according to which only those guests and their accompanying underage person can be accommodated who have an official Covid protection card issued by the Hungarian authority or in the countries listed.

Guests with a Covid Protection Card (see above) do not have to wear the mask in the hotel and they can use the entire range of services in the hotel.
Guests who arrive for business, economic or educational purposes and do not have an official Covid protection certificate - in accordance with Hungarian regulations - are not permitted to use the hotel's bathing and sauna area and the fitness room. They cannot have a bathrobe in their room. It is compulsory to use the mask throughout the hotel.
Please inquire about the current entry and hotel stay conditions from our room reservation, we will be happy to help you.
We recommend our therapeutic and laser treatments and the Synlab diagnostic center for those living in the area, even without accommodation. A mask is mandatory for outpatient guests entering the hotel.
Most of our employees have the official Covid protection card. Those who do not have this yet are regularly tested in our Vitalium Centre.

General measures

IMPORTANT! This is the status of the current protocol on May 7th, 2021
It is recommended to use a hand sanitizer located at the entrance. Our reception offers a 24-hour service so that you can find your way around at any time. Our employees also adhere to virus protection rules.

Reception and lobby measures

While check in and check out 1 person can stand at the counter, which is separated by plexiglass, in order to protect both our guests and the staff. Regular disinfection is carried out in the lobby every two hours, paying particular attention to surfaces in contact with the skin. Antiviral hand sanitizers are readily available throughout the hotel. The elevator can only be used by guests staying in the same room. We have installed a non-contact hand disinfectant on the elevators on every floor for the safety of our employees and guests. The touchscreen in the elevator is regularly disinfected. We recommend using stairs. Objects that are made available to the guest (key card, pen, etc.) are disinfected at the reception with UV-C light and disinfectant before each release.

We recommend that you fill out the registration form online before your arrival, in which case it will only be given to the guest for signature, otherwise it will have to be filled out at check-in. We prefer contactless payment with bank cards, in which the bank card terminal is regularly disinfected. Room cards are treated with UV light after each check-out.

Measures concerning gastronomy

All of our guests must use hand sanitizer when entering the restaurant. In order to guarantee an optimal distribution of space and distance, our guests are accompanied to their table by our colleagues. We offer our guests a buffet for breakfast and dinner. At the buffet table, cooks and waiters help with serving.
We continuously disinfect the surfaces of furniture as well as machines and devices. Antiviral detergents are used throughout the kitchen. We also make physical distance compulsory for our kitchen staff, and the use of masks and gloves is compulsory for them. We maintain a core temperature of 75 ° C when preparing meals and train our colleagues continuously.

Measures regarding room use and cleaning

Before the guests are received, the room cleaning and surface disinfection is done, in certain cases even the room is disinfected with ozone. We remember that we can accommodate our guests as far apart as possible. The bed scarves and decorative pillows have also been temporarily removed from the rooms and are waiting to be cleaned and used again after the Covid 19 risk has ended. During your stay at the hotel, the room must be cleaned daily. There is no way to avoid cleaning, we ask for the understanding and support of our guests. During cleaning, we ventilate and disinfect the surfaces that are often affected. Please do not use the bed in the room in street clothes. The hotel has its own laundry, where high-quality technology and automation ensure that properly cleaned and disinfected textiles are always delivered.

Technical measures

Frequent questions about Covid-19 are the health risks of industrial ventilation / cooling / heating systems. There is only a risk if the ventilation works with mixed air. In our hotel, the suction and supply air work separately so that no air is circulated. This prevents viruses from entering the system from the room, public areas or offices. Of course, when reopening, the air filters were correctly adjusted, checked and thoroughly cleaned to prevent the growth / spread of Legionella.

Fitness room, sports programs

While the machines are in use, disinfection has previously been mandatory, this is still guaranteed, but we disinfect them every 3 hours regardless of use.
Our free sports programs are carried out with the safety distance in mind.

Vitalium Health & Beauty 

In our therapy and beauty department, we ensure the distance with a plexiglass wall at the dispatcher counter. The tools used in the counter are disinfected. We minimize the number of guests in the weight bath and in the treatment rooms. We ask our hotel guests not to wear street clothes in our therapy center but in a bathrobe. After each treatment, the cabins are disinfected and the textiles are changed.
According to the current regulation, it is mandatory for our non-hotel guests to wear a mask.

Wellness area, bathing and sauna area

All of our pools and saunas (except the Acapulco pool, which is operated in summer) are available to our guests. The obligatory water changes, disinfection and cleaning have been carried out, we have complied with the additional water treatment regulations. We set up our loungers at a safe distance from each other. Our swimming master colleagues constantly make sure that the pools are not clogged. The entire wellness area is constantly cleaned and disinfected, especially the railings, water blocks, changing rooms and toilets. Thanks to our state-of-the-art air technology, the total amount of air in our indoor wellness area is changed every hour, we also ventilate it and carry out an additional ozone disinfection at night.


The smoking area reserved for guests can be used in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Children's playroom

You can also visit our children's play room and area in accordance with the applicable laws. The equipment, furniture and toys in the room are regularly disinfected.

Vitalium Laser Centre 

In addition to the previously strict hygiene regulations, the Vitalium Laser Center takes the following precautionary measures to protect the health of patients and staff: A patient (and a companion) can stand at the reception desk at the same time. Before the treatment, the patient confirms with the signature that he has no complaints about an infection. The counter, the doctor's office and the treatment room are constantly disinfected.
Our patients are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before the treatment appointment in order to avoid overloading the reception area. Attendants are asked to wait in the hotel lobby during treatment.
After each treatment, the treatment rooms are disinfected and the textiles are changed.
According to the current regulation, it is mandatory for our non-hotel guests to wear a mask.

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