Dermatology treatments

The desire of humans to be eternally young has opened an enormous market for the anti-aging treatments. The latest improvements in laser technology have developed a longer-lasting, scientifically proven method for the restoration of the natural beauty of the skin.

Tightsculpting laser fat burning

Painless laser treatment without surgery that destroys fat cells. The fat burning effect can be measured in centimeters, while the surface skin becomes firmer and more elastic.

Fotona 4D Face Lifting treatment

Fotona 4D ™ is a unique, non-surgical series of laser treatments that treat the outer surface of the face and the oral cavity. It is currently the most effective laser facial treatment procedure.

Laser treatment of pregnancy streaks and stretch marks

In the case of rapid deformation, the connective tissue under the skin may not develop sufficiently in all cases. The laser treatment works in 3 steps, starting from the deeper layers to the...

Twinlight 3D anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating treatment

An extremely precise, intermittent skin rejuvenation treatment that targets skin blemishes only, leaving the healthy skin around it intact. Recommended treatment for wrinkled skin.

Hand and back wrinkle removal and tightening

As you age, unwanted wrinkles and pigment spots also appear on your palms. We can rejuvenate our skin in a two-step treatment with Fotona's dual laser technology.

Smooth Eye treatment

Over time, the tissues around the eyes also lose their firmness. The Fotona laser’s equipment is the only known machine with which we can treat the area around the eyes without pain.

Age Prevent yearly sustaining facial treatment

It is recommended once a year as a skin rejuvenating therapy to preserve and tighten the collagen stock of the skin. Recommended for all skin types and skin tones.

Acute Acne Treatment with Twinlight method

It is recommended for inflamed, scarred skin, wide pores. The energy of the laser penetrates deep without damaging the surface and acts on the inflamed sebaceous gland.

Dermatologist – cosmetologist

Aniko Dobriban-Fekete, M.D. [Mrs. Dobriban]

FEKETE M.D. earned her medical degree at the Department of Dermatology of Budapest in dermatology and cosmetology in 1988. Previously she worked at the County Hospital of Zalaegerszeg, later at the Outpatient Clinic Specialised in Dermatology of the Hospital of Keszthely. At present she works at the Outpatient Clinic of Szentgotthard.

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dermatologist – cosmetologist

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