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Discover the Traditional Hévíz Cure

The price of the gift voucher:

  • 199 €


For 1 years from the date of issue.

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Healing wrapped in a gift. Did you know that the Hévíz Cure is a Hungaricum? The offer of 7 treatments combined with a specialist examination is a great choice for your loved one(s). An offer of the Hotel Europa Fit****superior.

Contents and details of the voucher

The gift voucher can be used for the following treatments * of our Hotel Vitalium Health & Beauty Center in Hévíz at a pre-arranged time.

  • Specialist examination and consultation
  • Weight bath (2 times)
  • Mud pack (parti of body, 2 times)
  • Massage with cupping (25'):
    A special massage technique that is very effective in treating, stretching and improving the circulation of stuck muscles. Utilizing the invigorating effect of a vacuum, the unique treatment relaxes the body, detoxifies and improves the body's oxygen supply. In the first half of the massage, the back is treated with a cup and then it ends with a massage.
  • Stress relieving head and neck massage (25'):
    A true form of stress-relieving massage, a great help for effective treatment of stressful hours spent in the office and neck and headaches associated with office work.
  • Hydroxeur - underwater massage (20'):
    Special underwater hydromassage for the whole body. The pleasantly warm water relaxes the muscles, the massaging effect of the water jets stimulates the blood circulation. The treatment has a relaxing, muscle relaxant and detoxifying effect.

The gift voucher is non-renewable and non-negotiable. If lost, there is no replacement or exchange for another voucher.

This service can only be used with a voucher, so please bring it with you. Your reservation is dependant on the hotel's occupancy.

*The included treatments of the package are subject to change depending on the results of the guest’s health condition after the examination.

  • Hévíz is wonderful in all seasons
  • Healing, wellness, family holiday, aesthetics - a gift for all ages
  • Special, individualized package, anywhere, anytime
  • Discounts, individual offers, flexible booking
  • Comfortable payment possibilities
  • Assignable

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