Gynaecological treatments

The introduction of Fotona's Smooth™ technology came with revolutionary changes in the aesthetic gynaecology. The treatment of certain gynaecological problems has become possible that were not possible to treat or only with surgical methods.

The Intimate Rejuvenation program

The clinically tested and developed gynaecological treatment types are the following:

IncontiLase Twinlight 3D

Stress incontinence is when you experience loss of urine when you cough, sneeze, run, or exercise. IncontiLase treatment offers an effective solution to deal with this.

IncontiLase Intra Twinlight 3D

Estrogen deficiency during menopause results in relaxation of the urethra and a decrease in the occlusive function of the internal sphincter. These causes can lead to urinary incontinence.

IncontiLase Extra Twinlight 3D

In mixed incontinence, the symptoms of stress and urge incontinence occur together. With our unique treatment combination, we can treat the full spectrum of urinary incontinence.

IntimaLase Twinlight 3D

After childbirth, in case of hereditary connective tissue weakness, or as the age progresses, the vaginal wall may lose its elasticity. As a result of the treatment, the vaginal wall is rebuilt,...

ProlapLase Twinlight 3D

The vaginal sink is treated with a precisely and carefully guided laser beam. The painless, non-surgical procedure results in a narrowing and strengthening effect on the tissues.


Vaginal dryness and complaints of varying ages are reversible. The treatment utilizes the heat effect of the laser to promote the regeneration of collagen fibers and the formation of more...

Cervical wound treatment

In the case of a cervical wound, the main complaints are increased discharge and bleeding due to sexual contact. After the laser treatment, a new epithelial coating develops and the complaints...

Treatment of cervical anti-HPV

In the case of HPV infection, laser treatment of the cervix and cervix removes all types of viruses that multiply in the surface epithelium by evaporating the surface epithelium.

Labia depigmentation

As we age, with the reduction of female hormones in the labia minora and the isolation of the vaginal epithelium, the possibilities of losing elasticity. As a result of the treatment, a tissue...

Labia plastic surgery

Enlargement of the labia minora is mainly due to hereditary causes. Pindal laser labia minora reduction after local anesthesia is performed seamlessly, thus significantly shortening the healing time.

Combined gynecological treatments

In many cases, it is justified to perform several treatments together in one procedure. Our combined treatments were put together at a discounted price, in full compliance with the treatment protocol.

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