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Health cure treatments

Since its opening Hotel Európa fit**** has always devoted a lot of energy to improve its wellness services and medical treatments based on the healing water of Hévíz. In this spirit in 2007 we reformed our treatments and established our wellness offers.

What does it exactly mean?

Medical wellness traditionally combines the different methods of healthy life style with medical treatments. Actually it is a medically controlled wellness program, which alters from traditional medication because in this case the person is in the centre and prevention is determinant.

Health and medical wellness treatments in Hotel Európa fit****

Massage belongs to the most ancient healing treatments. We offer you the following possibilities in our hotel: healing massage, sport massage, sole massage, which are available without medical examination.

Cryosauna – a brief body freeze for lasting recovery!

Cryosauna is an innovative cold therapy treatment, it helps to strengthen the body’s own immune system and retrieve its balance. It is very favorable for the patients with rheumatic disorders, because it relieves pain and the muscle spasms. Thanks to the cryosauna, some locomotor and neurological disorders are efficiently treated. It is also a quick way of treatment and recovering after sports injuries or surgery.
The cryogenic gas is supplied into the cabin, the temperature goes down from -60 °C to -160°C within 30 second. The duration of the treatment is 60-180 second, to be increased during the course. The course consist of 10-20 treatment or even more. It is allowed to use the cryosauna even several times a day to increase the effectiveness of sessions.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is an elastic, cotton, water-resistant, coloured sports tape developed by a Japanese chiropractor. It’s a quick and efficient therapy treatment, which based on the body’s own natural healing process. It doesn’t contain any chemical substance. By lifting the skin, Kinesio Tape improves the lymphatic and blood flow. Kinesio tape can help take pressure off overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion, so it can be worn for a minimum of 2-3 days.


During the medical treatments we apply many types of electrotherapy: ultrasonic treatment, iontophoresis, diadynamic, interference treatment, TENS, stimulate electricity, inhalation, oxigentherapy and infra lamp treatment. The electrotherapy treatments are pain relieving and increase the circulation, strengthen and ease up the muscles.

Medicinal packings

Our medicinal packings (sulfur, ritex, fluor) are effective for arterial diseases and painful muscular cramp. Kriotherapy is effective for acute inflammation and injuries because of its cooling effect. Our magnet therapy is recommended to guests, who suffer from sleeping problems, migraine etc.
Mud – the treasure of Hévíz For the mud packings we use the mud from the bottom of the thermal lake, which is rich in mineral substances. The mud is to apply excellently for locomotive and gynaecological diseases. This treatment causes the most extensive hyperaemia and overheating, that's why it is recommended only on medicinal order.


Balneotherapy takes up a very important role among the Hévíz treatments, because we use the healing effect of the spa-water. Here belongs the weight-bath which is a special stretching treatment and it is good for spinal diseases, slipped diseases. At our Therapy Section you can find a special bathtub, where guests can be treated with underwater massage and with other electric treatments. They are good for pain relieving and to ease up muscles.
We do the change-bath with combined bathtubs, too where we can reach better bloodstream in the limbs with mixed warm and cold water jet. This is the most effective treatment for disorders of the circulation system. The other function of the bathtub is the galvanic current bath, which is good for pain relieving and to ease up muscles, paralysis, nerve pain and arterial inflammations. Carbonic acid bath is suggested to stabilize blood circulation (the O2 supplying) and for high blood pressure. The bath is made of thermal water added with carbonic acid.
Hydroxeur: is a modern form of the underwater massage, with this treatment the circulation increases, it eases up muscles, combined with aromatherapy this treatment has a stress relieving effect.

Remedial gymnastic

The remedial gymnastic is a basic treatment, not only for locomotive disorders, but also for bloodstream and breathing problems. The employees of the therapy section treat the guests individually. There is an opportunity for individual gymnastics and gymnastics in groups.

The Hévíz health treatments

I want to see the offer of the Hotel Európa fit**** Vitalium Health and Beauty

Vitalium Health&Beauty health cure prices for non-residents guests

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Covid-19 measures for local services and business travellers

At Europafit, we have always tried to offer our guests services of the highest quality and added...

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Enjoy restfull days in Hévíz at Europa fit. Prices with half board from at least 1 night stay. Our hotel can only accept guests arriving for business, economic and educational purposes until the repeal of the relevant government decree.

12.01.2021 - 23.12.2021.
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Rehabilitation after pandemic

For rehabilitation after the pandemic residual symptoms, we have put together a package of Hévíz treatments with a specialist examination and 2 treatments per day.

12.01.2021 - 23.12.2021.
min. 3 night(s)

from 132 EUR

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Covid-19 measures for local services and business travellers

At Europafit, we have always tried to offer our guests services of the highest quality and added...

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Rehabilitation after pandemic | Hotel Europa fit

We configured a package of treatments of Hévíz for guests, who suffer from residual symptoms...

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