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Pools and saunas | Hotel Európa fit****

We have expanded our pool and sauna world. A modern sauna world has been created in the gallery of the experience bath with a Finnish sauna, steam bath, experience shower and a yoga and relaxation area. We have modernized our existing sauna world and an indoor thermal pool (20 m²) has been built to promote active recreation. Our sauna masters await lovers of heat with regular seances and pamper our guests with sauna pottings seasoned with delicacies of nature.

In the recreation centre we await our guests with an adventure bath, swimming pool inside and outside, from spring till autumn Acapulco-pool with a surface of 270 m2, the whirlpool is sparkling and the thermal pool is enticing. The Finnish saunas and the steam bath are also involved in promoting the health of the body, and have got a healing impact on the worn-out body, soul and spirit. Our guests can choose among the Finnish saunas, the steam-bath, the infra room, herbarium and the salt cabin.


Our adventure bath meet all demands: neck-and shoulder massage, swimming machine, lying and standing water jet massage serve pleasant refreshment. In the summer months you can swim out to the outdoor swimming pool, where bathing in the 28 °C water you can enjoy the sunshine. During winter you can have a passion for swimming in the indoor swimming pool

If you are exhausted of the active sports, the sparkling water of the whirlpool promises pleasant refreshment. The thermal pool can help you relax, it is filled with thermal water from the famous spa. The Acapulco-pool is the ideal summer water paradise for families with children: paddling pools, rocky island, special adventure effects and with a depth of 0-150 cm.


Saunas help us keep healthy and have especially generous effects on our body, spirit and soul. Regular using of the sauna cabins opens us new prospect of life gladness and life quality. To feel the healing effect of the saunas, the best way is to be conscious of the heat and to choose among the cabins heated in different ways.


The 40°C and 50°C heat is ideal for those who cannot use the sauna because of some diseases. This temperature is a well bearable, it makes you sweat less, and can be used also with high blood pressure and circulatory failure.


It has got a lower temperature than the dry air baths (37°C-45°C), but its humidity is higher. Because of this, both are recommended to circulation diseases, because the body gets heated gradually, it isn't loaded with the immediate heat.

Finnish sauna

The most wide-spread version of the saunas in which the temperature reaches up to 80°C-100°C, and the humidity has got a lower value, 20%. The Finnish sauna combines elements of the Roman hot-air bath and the Turkish steam bath. A sauna experience is both relaxing and refreshing, a healthy break with positive effects on the body, spirit and soul. Some healing impacts of the sauna: stress reduction, strengthening of the immune system, metabolism stimulation and skin lifting are only a few of the advantages which have also been proved scientifically.

Salt cabin

The effectiveness of the salt cabin is based on the impact of inhaleted salt. It helps to reduce inflammation and destroys pathogens. As salt enters the lungs and respiratory tract it dissolves bacteria and pollutants and works to expel mucous and opens constricted airways. Salt therapy is recommended for all chronic respiratory diseases, such as: bronchitis, tracheitis, frontal and maxillary sinusitis.

Infra room - (sauna) room

When using it heating rays probe deeply into the organism, which have got an immune strengthening effect and it is really good for detoxification. The heat is provided by the infrared energy. It goes deeply in the tissues, and causes warming up, hyperaemia, that helps the roughage to leave. Its steaming impression is very powerful. It is well bearable, because the temperature in the room is 40°-60°C, which is not so tiring.

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Covid-19 measures for local services and business travellers

After a successful audit, we received the international Bureau Guard Veritas Safe Guard and TÜV...

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Covid-19 measures for local services and business travellers

After a successful audit, we received the international Bureau Guard Veritas Safe Guard and TÜV...

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