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Vitalium Health & Beauty - SPA, health and beauty center

The classical medicine, the medical wellness and the modern cosmetology connect with each other

Since its opening, our hotel has given priority to its medical activities, which it has developed and built with the elements of the classic Hévíz spa treatment.This model follows the elements of traditional cures, coupled with the strict outline of health care institutions and the dominant role of white coverings.

The needs and expectations of our guests have changed a lot over the years. A younger, still active group of guests has appeared on the health tourism market, who focuses on healing instead on resting, refreshment and prevention.The content of the wellness has also changed a lot, our hotel has an ever-widening range of guests in need of treatments that go beyond simple wellness offers.

In order to fully serve our guests and follow the new trends, we have placed the well-proven and popular medical treatments in a new environment and supplemented them with modern, novel, pampering treatments, and we have also opened up towards alternative medicine.

We combined all this in one place with our cosmetology facial and body treatments that beautify body and soul, consequentially a new brand appeared in the hotel.


The concept is embodied as Vitalium, in addition to the above, it is supplemented with counseling that focuses on the individual, be it physiotherapy, sports trainer, cosmetology or dietitian.

Vitalium is the perfect combination of several components. In addition to combining the basic elements of treatments such as earth, air, water, fire, it juxtaposes activities that can only build serious success on top of each other, whether it’s wellness, prevention or beauty. Our Vitalium already puts the guest in the right environment with the colors, giving the right basis for the success of the treatment. If someone tries several different treatments as part of a wellness package or a cure, they are actually taking part in a journey in the color palette.

Thus, Vitalium encompasses the experience of bathing, vitality, movement, healthy eating, the use of natural ingredients in treatments, as well as the care of the mind and soul, the restoration of our physical and mental balance.

Medical Wellness Pavilion

Our Massage Pavilion hosts 11 massage treatment rooms. While designing our massage pavilions, we paid big attention to the harmony of the colours and the interior, that supports the succes of our treatments to a huge extent.

Beauty services with professional cosmetic facial and body treatments

In addition to maintaining health and healing, we place great emphasis on our beauty services. We believe that it adds a lot to our physical health how our soul feels from what you see in the mirror. Our mission is to help you discover your own uniqueness.

Unique and irreplaceable

Our cosmetics offer is unique and irreplaceable in the beauty care offer of Hungarian four-star wellness hotels. If you've been a guest of our hotel before, you know why. If you haven't visited us yet, here is an introduction without hypocrisy:

About ourselves: we work with the best in the profession, we do our job as a profession, we raise our guests to a higher level every day and we receive our own quality of life and our guests as we do in our second home…

If you don't believe it, visit us. Our greatest strength lies in human resources. Because you are unique and irreplaceable!

Enter the world of Sothys

Sothys... A world of subtle feelings and sensuality.

A legendary name that stands for expertise and authority in professional skin care. Its products carry a combination of finesse, nature and effectiveness.

Don't miss the unique experience you can experience during pampering body treatments!

Combining sophisticated procedures performed by excellent professionals with unique, self-developed active ingredients, Sothys treatments provide visible, long-lasting results for the first time.

2015 - The Traditional Cure has become a brand

In the summer of 2015, the city of Hévíz created its own trademark in order to accredit therapies based on the healing effects of Lake Hévíz.

The Hévíz Traditional Cure Hungaricum is based on the Hévíz medicinal water, which is especially effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases due to its rich mineral content.

During the Hévíz Traditional Cure, we use the original, complex Hévíz cure in order for the patient to receive the most effective treatment.

The qualification certificate for the cure is held by hotels that have the technical background to provide traditional therapies. Our hotel, Hotel Europa Fit****superior, is the proud holder of the title.

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Hotel Europa Fit****superior has received the award "Green Hotel 2023-2024"!

Our hotel has successfully applied for the "Green Hotel 2023-24" certificate. We are pleased to...

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Hotel Europa Fit****superior has received the award "Green Hotel 2023-2024"!

Our hotel has successfully applied for the "Green Hotel 2023-24" certificate. We are pleased to...

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