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Pools and saunas | Hotel Europa Fit****superior

News! We have opened our brand new outdoor medicinal water pool with a roof! Come and enjoy the healing power of the Hévíz lake water, now also outside!

The following awaits our guests in our wellness department: indoor adventure pool, whirlpool and children's paddling pool, indoor and outdoor medicinal water pool and outdoor swimming pool, outdoor Acapulco family adventure pool (in summer) with 270m2 water surface. The preservation of your health is also promoted by the sauna, which has an extremely positive effect on both body and mind. Our guests can choose between Finnish saunas, a steam bath, an infrasauna, a salt chamber and a herbarium.

The guests who receive ambulant treatments can also use the bath and sauna world, as well as the fitness room in the hotel.


All elements of our adventure pool (31°C) support pleasant relaxation: waterfall showers for neck and shoulder massages, counter-current system, vertical and horizontal massage jets. For those who want active relaxation, there is our outdoor pool, where you can enjoy the sun rays in addition to swimming in the 28°C warm water. In the colder months you can indulge in the joy of swimming in our indoor pool (31-31°C). If you are exhausted, the water in our whirlpool (34°C) promises safe refreshment.

The wish for healing

Those wishing to be healed can relax in our indoor medicinal water pool or choose our new outdoor medicinal water pool with a roof (32-33°C). Our medicinal water pools are filled with medicinal water from our own well, which contains the active ingredients of the Hévíz medicinal water.

The use of our medicinal water pools is not permitted under the age of 14!

Bathing with children

We await the youngest also in our indoor adventure pool, where they can swim in safe conditions in an environment specifically designed for them, a children paddling pool about 30 cm deep. In the summer months, our Acapulco family adventure pool with bubble elements, a rock island and a water depth of 0-120 cm is the ideal paradise for families with children.

Sauna for all guest requests

In the wellness department of our hotel, our two-floor sauna world awaits those who love the heat. In the gallery of the bathing area, our guests can take a sauna in our naturist sauna without bathing suits, covered with a cloth. The sauna world consists of a huge Finnish panorama sauna, an adventure shower, a relaxation room and a steam bath. Regular, guided sauna infusions also take place in our naturist sauna. These can be used for a fee.

Our sauna department on the ground floor attracts those seeking relaxation with Finnish saunas at different temperatures, a herbarium, a steam bath, an infra sauna, a salt chamber and an ice fountain. The use of our sauna area on the ground floor is subject to wearing swimwear.

The use of our saunas is prohibited under 10 years! Over the age of 10, the saunas may be used with the supervision of a legal guardian.

Salt cabin

The effectiveness of the salt cabin is based on the impact of the salt. The inhalation of salty air usually has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect, it weakens or destroys the toxins. Harmful substances in the respiratory tract are removed by dissolving mucus, therefore salt inhalation is recommended for all chronic respiratory infections (bronchitis, bronchial catarrh) and also for allergies.


In the herbarium paved with ceramics, the effect of the smells on the senses ensures a perfect relaxation experience. The active ingredients of the region's medicinal plants and grasses reach the organism through dry and moist steam. In the 38-40°C heat and the aromas of medicinal plants, even those who cannot use the sauna due to health problems can relax. This temperature is easy to bear, it doesn't make you sweat so much and can also be used if you have high blood pressure or circulatory problems.

Steam cabin

Their temperature is lower (37-45 °C) than that of dry air baths and has a high moisture content. That is why the steam cabin is also recommended for those who are struggling with circulatory problems, the organism is not burdened by sudden heat, as the body does not get warmer and warmer. In our hotel there is a naturist steam cabin as well as a swimwear steam cabin.

Finnish sauna

The most common type of sauna, with a temperature of 80-100 °C and a low humidity of 10%. The Finnish sauna combines the elements of the Roman hot air bath and the Turkish steam bath. The sauna is relaxation and refreshment at the same time, promotes the preservation of our health and has a positive effect on the body as well as on the mind and soul.

The health-preserving effect, for example the stress relief, the strengthening of the immune system, the promotion of the metabolism, the detoxification and the maintenance of tight skin is now a scientifically proven fact.

The hotel has both a naturist sauna and a swimwear sauna.

Infrared sauna

When used, the warming rays penetrate deep into the organism and have an immune-system-boosting, detoxifying effect. The heating effect is provided by infrared energy. This penetrates deep into the tissues, causing warmth and a large supply of blood, which promotes the removal of toxins. The infra cabin makes you sweat a lot. It is well tolerated because the temperature is approx. 40-60 °C and therefore does not put a strain on the body.

Wellness and sauna world use not only for hotel guests

Romantic bathing for couples or relaxation with the family? In our wellness world, 8 types of outdoor and indoor pools, Finnish saunas, steam bath, infrared sauna, salt cabin and herbarium await guests. We also open our wellness department to a limited number of external guests! Come and enjoy the "Europafit" wellness experiences!

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Ágnes Molnár, deputy general manager of hotel Europafit in Hévíz, received an award for the Tourism of Hévíz

The city of Hévíz organized its May 1st City Day Celebration this year as well, where we could...

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Ágnes Molnár, deputy general manager of hotel Europafit in Hévíz, received an award for the Tourism of Hévíz

The city of Hévíz organized its May 1st City Day Celebration this year as well, where we could...

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Hotel Europa Fit****superior has received the award "Green Hotel 2023-2024"!

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