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Sport and animation

With the help of our sport animator Erika Gonye, we tried to expand the palette of our sports activities with new group recreational and preventive sports and exercise programmes that are diversified, varied and satisfy the demands of every target group of health tourism. We prepared our sports programmes according to the demands of our guests so that each one of them can find the most suitable form of exercise which is also appropriate for their health condition and can be performed joyfully. We trust that you will find your favorite one of the numerous outdoor and indoor exercises offered by our hotel!

Indoor programs:

  • Good morning exercises
  • Body forming Fit-Ball® training 
  • Body forming BodyBalls training
  • Soft-Ball
  • BOSU® trainig
  • Fit-band training
  • Dynamic office training
  • Yoga for the locomotory (with "Moon Greeting and hormonal yoga exercises)
  • DISC ’O’ SIT
  • Osteoporosis training
  • Stretching with ball
  • Preventive spine training
  • "Fit-back" back training
  • balance training - proprioceptive training
  • Pilates with different requisites (ball, band, ring)
  • Core-Balance training
  • Relaxation (relaxing exercises)
  • Reflex-Ball training
  • Exercices with „smovey®” ring
  • "Sun greeting" yoga exercise
  • "Five Tibeten" yoga exercise
  • Presentation of fitness room and sports program
  • Tai-Chi Chuan
  • Wai Tan Kung - ChiKung (Ba Duan Jin)
  • Eight Brocade rolls exercices - ChiKung
  • Pelvic floor exercises for women
  • Rehabilitative spine training
  • 70+ training
  • Foot and sole of foot training
  • Fasciatraining
  • BRAIN GYM® exercises
  • Lifestyle counselling

Outdoor programs:

    • preventive and rehabilitative Nordic Walking program
    • Walking with „smovey®” ring

    Water programs:

      • Water gymnastic
      • Aqua Training
      • Aqua Aerobics

      Children programs (in summer):

      • "Porci Berci® is looking for friends" spine school for primary school children
      • "Jungle" Children's training program - health retentive program für kindergarten and  primary school children

      Mother-Baby programs:

      • "Mocorgó" ("Jittering") Mother-Baby training
      • "Tipegő" ("Crawling") crèche training
      • „ManóJóga®” (pixy-yoga) (Mother-Baby yoga, children's yoga)

      Other recreational activities in the hotel:

      • Bike rental
      • Petanque
      • Table tennis
      • Badminton
      • Table soccer
      • Spiral billiard
      • Darts - for children
      • "Bowling" - for children
      • Sports requisites rental (for a bail) e.g. Nordic Walking sticks, petanque, polar belt. smovey, Soft Ball, Badminton, Table tennis etc.

      Fitness centre:

        • Renewed fitness centre with world-class Life Fitness cardio and strength machines and Conept 2 rowing machine
        • The machines are recommended for recreative, preventive and rehabilitative purposes

        For more information about the sport facilities, please see our brochure information!

        Information about our sport and health manager


        • Club Dobogomajor Cserszegtomaj, indoor/open

        Other ball games

          • Bowling (Sports House, Gyenesdias)
          • Squash (Sports House, Gyenesdias)


          Different kinds of bikes (for all family members) are to rent:

          • bikes for children
          • tracking bikes
          • and city bikes


          • Balloon flights / adult – (maximum 18 person / basket)

          Horse riding

          • Cross-country or sheepfold
          • Riding lessons


          • Zala Springs golf resort in Zalacsany

          Sports and health manager, physiotherapist: Erika Gonye

          Erika is deeply committed to sports, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, which is clearly demonstrated by the high number of qualifications that she can be rightfully proud of (degreed physiotherapist, degreed health developer, wellness therapist, sport instructor, sport organizer, fitness, spine school therapist). She has organized and conducted various preventative and recreational sport and exercise programs for several years in our hotel for children, young people, senior citizens, both in and outside the pool. Over the years she has completed various fitness and wellness courses (e.g.: Fit-Ball®, Thera-Band, Aqua-Fitness, Pilates, Nordic-Walking, Relaxation, Oriental movement therapist, prevention and rehabilitation of incontinence, Exercise for pregnant women, Baby - mommy exercises, Posture improving exercises, etc.). Based on her experiences and research she considers the prevention and elimination of disorders caused by a sedentary lifestyle and little exercise, most importantly, including the need for prevention to start during childhood already, so that we should be able to remain fit and healthy even as senior citizens. She keeps publishing in various magazines, and she has also developed several programs of her own, both for adults and children, such as: "Jungle" exercises for children, “Fit back” spine training and spine school program. Responding to the needs of the customers, she has expanded the offering by several new sport and exercise programs (BOSU® workout, Body-Ball, spine school, relaxation for children), which made our hotel the one offering the most varied range of sports programs in Hévíz.

          If you have any questions concerning sports and exercise programs or healthy lifestyle, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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          Ágnes Molnár, deputy general manager of hotel Europafit in Hévíz, received an award for the Tourism of Hévíz

          The city of Hévíz organized its May 1st City Day Celebration this year as well, where we could...

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          Ágnes Molnár, deputy general manager of hotel Europafit in Hévíz, received an award for the Tourism of Hévíz

          The city of Hévíz organized its May 1st City Day Celebration this year as well, where we could...

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