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Dr. Veronika Moll - rheumatologist - board certified physician of physiotherapy

03. 02. 2021.

Dr. Veronika Moll Dr. Veronika Moll – Vitalium Medical Wellness Centre Medical Director, rheumatologist - board certified physician of physiotherapy.

Both of her parents were rheumatologist physicians. Her father, Dr. Károly Moll, prepared the flow map of Hévíz Lake and discovered the weight bath. Her mother, Dr. Ilona Hoffmann, was the first female rheumatologist physician of the bath in Hévíz, so she became familiar with this world as a child already. She grew up in Hévíz and wanted to get settled there. She never even thought of living elsewhere. This is how she became a rheumatologist.

She obtained her maturity certificate in Vajda János Secondary Grammar School of Keszthely in 1968, then continued her studies in the Medical University of Pécs. After obtaining her degree as a general physician, she passed board certified exams in rheumatology and physiotherapy. She started her career in the Health Spa Hospital of Hévíz, then worked for the Health Resort for Employees of the Post in Hévíz, as a chief physician.
Since 2000 she has been the chief physician of Hotel Európa fit****.


It is characteristic of her professional work that the curative team under her supervision has developed a very cooperative work style over several years, the colleagues resonate with each other and always put the client in focus.
Our returning clients tell that the reason why they choose our hotel in the wide market of health spot resorts, is that they can see and feel our smooth and cooperative work style. And under the supervision of Dr. Moll this kind of constancy provides a guarantee that we can track the process of the client’s healing, the improvements achieved during the years. In many cases we managed to transform, as if by magic, the former overmedicated patient who had been in the wheelchair, looking to an operation, into a returning client who can once again move, walk without assistance and has no complaints, for which stability and constancy are essential.
On the other hand, her innovative way of thinking is a guarantee to the client that traditional healing methods will be enhanced year by year, by freezing treatment (cryosauna), gynaecology, dermatology treatments, cardiology. As a medical director, she supervises the healing department offering the widest scope of health services in the region.

Physician ambassador Hévíz

As a physician ambassador, since 2011 she has regularly held lectures on the health treatments of the town, its traditions and by this, on the secret of Hévíz.
She often visits Vienna, Salzburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Hanover and Cologne. Her lectures are always very popular, both in professional events and events designed for the general public.
As a board-certified physician she often participates in a new kind of dialogue between the client and the physician, including an experimental project of the German market, where she offered medical advice in a preannounced Telephone Doctor consulting session on Hévíz to clients who are interested in the hotel and the town but do not know it well.
The professional discussions with her are popular recordings in the social media, with high ratings.
She speaks German and Russian at an advanced level.
She constantly trains herself, participates in professional conferences and advanced courses. She is interested in the relations between various diseases, problems that affect more than one scientific area.
Her kind, balanced, reassuring, serene personality is an important part of the healing process, which is how the closing discussion with her has become one of the most important final elements of the treatment for our returning clients.
The knowledge and experiences obtained over the years have been passed on from generation to generation in her family, since her two children have also chosen careers in medicine. Her daughter is an internist, and her son is a practicing surgeon.

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Dr. Veronika Moll - rheumatologist - board certified physician of physiotherapy

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