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Hotel etiquette for guests with dogs

03. 02. 2017.

Pets (dogs only) are welcomed to our hotel for an extra fee. During the summer, on long weekends and other special periods of time, at Christmas and Silvester we are unfortunately not able to accept dogs because of the high occupancy. Thank you for your kind understanding. For further information please get in touch with our colleagues.

Please keep your dog on leash at all time within the hotel area, except of your room of course. In case your dog is snappish and has unperdictable nature, the use of dog muzzle is obligatory.

Please do not leave your dog for a longer period of time alone in your room that could cause separation anxiety disorder at him / her, like barking and scraping at the door. Before you leave for a common vacation with your dog, please make sure that your dog is able to stay alone at a foreign place.

Please indicate to the hotel staff, if your dog is resting in the room alone. (Hang the proper card on the doorhandle.)

In case if your dog likes watching TV with you on the couch, please put a blanket under him / her to protect the furniture. Furthermore we kindly ask you NOT to use any of the hotel textiles for prepearing your pet’s bed, nor cleaning him / her or up after him / her.

Should the case occure your pet leaves dirt behind itself anywhere in the hotel area, please clean it up, and we kindly advise to these activities be carried out outside the hoter grounds.

Please use the common hotel areas with your dog only for accessing your room. Taking the dog to the restaurant, bath, wellness and therapeutic department is forbidden!

Upon arrival please check your room and if you notice any damages or stain please inform the reception. One of our colleagues will check the room’s condition with you again at the time of departure, particularly the textiles, walls, arrangements. The minimal payable price in case of any kind of damage is 15.000 HUF, but it is calculated after the estimated values of the damage. Any damage caused by the pet (in the room and anywhere within the hotel territory), the owner has to take full financial, legal and moral responsibility.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, we wish you a pleasant stay here!

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