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Also BEMER magnet therapy is available at the hotel Europa Fit****superior!

29. 04. 2022.

At the Vitalium Health c Beauty Department in the Europafit you can now also use the BEMER megnet therapy which is an electro-magnetic therapy, with a lot of positive effects.

The BEMER stimulation is activated through an electromagnetic field which improves the metabolism and the functionality of the organs and the tissues. Thus, the treatment can be used for various complaints. It is recommended for the alleviation of joint, muscle and neuralgic pain but also to relieve stress or migraine.

It is as well recommended for sportmen and -women who want to improve their performance, or for patients who went through infectious diseases, like for example Covid-19.

The BEMER magnet therapy can be used as a single treatment but also as a package of 3, 6 or 10 treatments to receive certain results.

Date arrangement and further information: Vitalium Health & Beauty Centre | +3683501140 |

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