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This is a story of a renewal… brand new double rooms!

05. 11. 2018.

After 18 years we are awaiting you with a brand new double room from the beginning of 2019. New colors, clean interior, perfect relaxation.

The design was inspired by nature and life itself

We hope that our new colour scheme and pure interior design will also contribute to you having a perfect recreational time. The design was inspired by nature and life itself. In Hévíz, the water lily is a frequent symbol which is indeed beautiful in its kind, however, its leaves get less attention, without which the flower would not even exist. They are integral parts of our ecology because of photosynthesis, and their exciting and open-tothe-world shape have inspired our interior designers. This is why the motifs appearing on the walls of the hotel room recall the leaves of water lilies. This kind of motif materializes on the carpet, which together with turquoise, manifests an airy style. The colour of Lake Hévíz shows a different image from season to season. In May and October, the unique splendour of turquoise colour can be seen on aerial photos, so when you are stepping on the carpet, it feels as if you are walking on the lake’s surface…

Natural oak - timeless style

We have chosen the colour of furniture to harmonize by all means with this turquoise water colour along with the natural oak which loans a timeless style to the rooms with its clarity. We wanted to change from the previous cherry wood furniture, through which we are introducing a whole new era. We pay special attention to the quality of sleep – a local entrepreneur provides us with the material of our unique beds to our Guests’ greatest satisfaction.
The renovation of the double rooms are the last episode of the 10-year-long renewal series that began in 2008, so today, we as one of the most modern hotels in Hévíz fulfil our Guests’ needs with quality services. We are looking forward to Your next visit again, when you can enjoy this renewed milieu!

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