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Color again

28. 04. 2020.

We would all travel a lot, move out, but we still have to spend our daily lives in the confinement of our homes... Many of the motivational quotes are saying that here is the irreversible moment to create something new.

It's pretty good to have someone feel determined, but don't worry about someone who doesn't. The time of a collective trauma is not necessarily the optimal time for great deeds and self-realizations.

Yet if you feel like relaxing at home, meditating, excluding the outside world, we bring a little fun, creativity, an "europafit" experience to those who want to create...

Why coloring?

The resting, almost meditative state caused by coloring has a beneficial effect on anxiety and depression, thus relieving tension, which has a beneficial effect on our heart.Activates the "problem-solving" center of the brain, as you have to think in a complete color scheme, "as a whole", and last but not least, concentrate. It develops fine motor skills, the elaboration of meticulous diagrams also requires dexterity.

And most importantly, while you are creating and concentrating, you can exclude the outside world, negative thoughts can be driven away.

Choose to your liking and don't be afraid to send the finished work to We will award the most beautiful works and share them with our audience ...

Coloring selection

We made it for both adults and children, here are:

Mandala variations...

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Color again

We would all travel a lot, move out, but we still have to spend our daily lives in the...

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