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Bureau Veritas Safe Guard Certificate | Safety first

02. 11. 2020.

Our hotel glorys in another certificate, what is none other than the international recognized Bureau Veritas Safe Guard.

Even before the pandemic time, we placed great emphasis on cleanliness, on the high standard of personal hygiene. However, the current epidemic situation has required even more attention to both our guests and colleagues.
In addition to adhering to the security measures of covid-19, we found it important, that guests here could obtain evidence that these measures were correct and that Europe fit was fully in favor of effective prevention.
In the light of this, we visited the Bureau Veritas Team…

About the Bureau Veritas ...

Bureau Veritas is an international market leader company, that helps service providers meet global challenges, in the areas of quality, healthcare, environmental protection or even social responsibility.
Bureau Veritas, the world leader in testing prozess, inspection and certification services, it has developed detailed checklists with professionals of global health, safety and hygiene to ensure that the procedures to business continuity to stand the proof with local and international standards and recognized practices.

Recently, we welcomed one member of the Bureau Veritas group, the auditor of the Bureau Veritas Hungary Qualitycontrol Ltd., to our hotel, who qualified the Covid 19 protection system of our hotel based on the checklists read above.

The process of the qualification 

The comprehensive investigation covers on our guest communication and on the community measures of our guests.
In addition to the provisions for the guests, the rules protecting the employee and the personal hygiene were both checked.
The existing protection system was checked verbally and during on-site inspections and hygiene practices and physical distance were checked.
We took a lot of precautions in our hotel to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues. These include wearing masks, daily body temperature checks and high qualified hygiene training for colleagues, lot of daily disinfections.

Following the independent audit of the Bureau Veritas auditors, our hotel has received a Bureau Veritas Safe Guard Certificate, what demonstrates to our Guests, that we will make everything to ensure prevention.

The Logo of the Safe Guard Label

The Bureau Veritas provides relax to his clients on his dedicated global website, that showcases all checked organizations approved by auditors.

With scanning the QR code of the digital stickers has been shown below, you can be sure, that our hotel is really Bureau Veritas Safe Guard certified hotel.

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