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Vaginal dryness and complaints of varying ages are reversible. The treatment utilizes the heat effect of the laser to promote the regeneration of collagen fibers and the formation of more flexible, stronger vaginal tissue.

RenovaLase treatment

  • (20' number of suggested treatments: 2-3 pieces) 120 000 HUF / occasion

The burning, itching sensation without inflammation, vaginal dryness and and the accompanying avoidance of intimacy due to the pain are caused by of the atrophy and thinning of the walls of the vagina during the transition years. The Er:Yag treatment results in the thickness of the vagina’s walls doubling according to their original conditions, the vaginal walls regaining their suppleness and the disappearing of the above symptoms. With the pain gone relationships will become active again. The feeling of dryness in the vagina will also be alleviated to almost 100%.

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